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La Teinturerie Domestique
par O. A. Bériau

Ministere de L'Agriculture, Québec, 1933,
Leméac, Montréal, 1980 188 pages, francais,

Home dyeing for textiles using plants and vegetables. This is how to book contain eight chapters which includes recipes and formulas. There is even a chapter devoted to color theory

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Home Weaving
by O. A. Bériau

The Institute of Industrial Arts, Québec, 1939, 219 pages, 100 photographs, including 14 color, and diagrams, English text. 2nd edition, Arts and Crafts of Gardenvale Inc. Gardenvale, Québec, 1947, 300 pages, photographs, and diagrams. English.
Out of print.

This is the bible on hand weaving. It includes over 70 patterns in the first edtion and 160 patterns in the 1947 edtion

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Le Métier a Quatre Lames
par O. A. Bériau

"Four Harness Loom", publisher (?) Ministère de L'agiculture, Québec, 1941, photographs, and diagrams, texte francais.

Out of print

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Tissage Domestique
by O. A. Bériau

"Home Weaving", publisher Ministére de L'agiculture, Québec, 1943. This book is considered the bible of hand weaving. It contain 183 patterns designs and includes plans on how to build and set up a loom. This book contains; 332 pages, over 200 photographs and diagrams, 52 color plates, texte francais.

Out of print




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The Handicraft Renaissance In Québec
by Oscar A. Bériau

Article published in Canadian Geographical Journal by The Canadian Geographical Society, September 1933, Volume 7 Number 3, pages 143 to 149. Includes photographs. English.

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Home Weaving in Canada
by Oscar A. B&#233riau

Article published in Canadian Geographical Journal by The Canadian Geographical Society, July 1943, Volume 27 Number pages 18 to 29. Includes photographs. English

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Handicrafts in Old Québec
by Oscar A. Bériau

Article published in Canadians All Magazine. J. S. W. Grocholsiki, Publishers. Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 1945, Article starts on page 28, Includes photos. English.




We Hear from the Champions of Handicrafts

by Col. Wilfrid Bovey and Oscar Bériau

Article published in Knitting and Homecraft, circa 1936, starting on page 26. Photographs included. English.


Le Journal


Weaving Column
par Oscar Bériau

Published between 1931-1934


American Ceramic


Peasant Potters of Beauce
by Oscar A. Bériau

Published April 15, 1944


& Garden


Québec Handcraft
by Oscar A. B&#233riau

Published June, 1944


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Other books are located in Library and References pages

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