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May 31, June 1 & 2, 2013

l'Association des Tisserands du Québec (ATQ) Annual conference held Quebec City,


Oscar Bériau and textile collections of the School of domestic arts du Québec. Lecture by Michel Laurent, retireed curator of the Musée de la civilization.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the stylistic current Art and Craft, born in England, advocates a return to traditional crafts, the effect will be felt during the first decades of the twentieth century. Under this impulse will be created in 1929, the School of domestic arts du Québec, whose collections acquired by Oscar Bériau were transferred to the Museum of Civilization in 1983. Some parts of the collection used to illustrate different teaching techniques used at the time of Bériau.

Please visit www.lestisserandsduquebec.com/ for schedule


News Update November 25, 2009
Oscar Bériau on the Portes Ouvertes TV series

Portes ouvertes is a 13 parts series on Québec’s national reserve of the Musée de la civilisation. This is a special place where they keep the heritage of Québec by preserving the objects of it’s culture. These objects are not on display because they are being restored or are waiting for a exhibit to be prepared.

The series covers 13 collections of the reserve and one of them is the textile collection of the Ministère de l’agriculture. In Show 7 Michel Laurent, the invited guest curator, and Christian Denis, the show host, are discussing the textile collection and the work of Oscar Bériau. This show is being prepared for the Canal Savoir Television here in Québec by Luc Saint-Laurent, and Francis Lauzon directors-coordinators. Other french broadcasters in Canada may be interested in showing it in the future.

Canal Savoir TV Brodcast Schedule in Québec.
Click to read a Le Soleil Article en français.

November, 2009. Télévision Francophone Ontarienne (TFO) is brodcasting this series presently.

June 20 2009. Canal Savoir TV is rebrodcasting this series through December. A second series is in the works for 2010 season.

This web site, a continuing work in progress, is dedicated to Oscar A. Bériau, author, inventor, educational director, advisor and promoter of weaving and handicrafts in Canada beginning in the 1920's. His book "Home Weaving" ("Tissage Domestique") is still considered one of the bibles of weaving. Today, over sixty years after his death, weavers and other craftspersons still cherish his books and contributions.

To continue Bériau's work (in a small way) this site will periodically add information, current and historical as well as web links, on weaving and other crafts. In the months ahead more information about his life and contributions will be added include more photographs and artifacts as they become available. You are invited to re-visit to see what’s new. Due to the upcoming program more information and corrections will be posted on this site on a bi-monthly bases until Dec 2010.

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