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  Road Sign

  Indicateur sur Route

  Patent Issued November 29, 1927:
Where ever you see a road sign that indicate a curve, intersection, school, bridge, etc., the design originated from Oscar Beriau

  Printing Process

  Procede D'Impression

  Patent Issued May 1, 1928.

  Reflecting Lens

  Lentille De Reflexion

  Patent Issued June 5, 1928.

  Printing Method

  Methode D'Impression


Patent Issued September 30, 1930:

A printing process that take a marble surface and reproduces it. Printed on all types of surfaces and material

  Imitation Tile

  Imitation de Tuiles

  Patent Issued April 4, 1933:
A printing process that imitates tile surfaces like marble. Printed on all types of surfaces to be installed on floors, walls, and counters

Oscar Beriau worked on all sorts of projects all through his life. When he was writing the dying book "La Teinturerie Domestique" he would climb the stairs to the roof of the four story family apartment house to check the dyed textiles samples he had left there to see how they weathered.

In his front pocket he would always have paper and pencil which he used to work out weaving patterns the way other people do crosswords puzzles.

Oscar Beriau helped improve the design of the loom with Nilus Leclerc which allowed for the use in the house instead of the barn.

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