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Books not found in Author or References pages and may be of interest to weavers and researchers.

ATWATER, Mary Meigs,
“The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving”,
A Complete Clearly Written Guide to the How-To and History of Hand-Weaving, with 162 Illustrations and Instructional Diagrams., MacMillan Publisher Co., Inc., New York, 1928, 1952, Eleventh Printing 1975. A classic weaving book

ATWATER, Mary Meigs,“Byways in Handweaving”,
An Illustrated Guide to Rare Weaving Techniques., MacMillan Publisher Co., Inc., New York, 1954, Forth Printing 1971. The weaving patterns of ancient Egypt, ancient Peru, modern Guatemala, Scandinavia, the South Pacific, and the Native American civilization

HAGEN, Horst, Dr., “Aus Flachs wird Leinen”, Anbau und Verarbeitung von Flachs Rotenburg/Wumme, Heimatbund Rotenburg/Wumme, 1985, 79 p, col. ill., 24 cm., German text.
This book is about flax. From planting the seed in the ground, spinning and weaving it into linen and displaying the linen for sale. Over 40 great color photographs showing the entire process. Great book even if you cannot
read German.

HECHT, Ann, “The Art of the Loom”, Weaving, spinning and dyeing across the world., London, British Museum Publications, c1989.
Weaving techniques by some of the many different indigenous groups in
the world.

HOFFMANN, Marta, “The Warp-Weighted Loom”, studies in the history and technology of an ancient implement., Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 1974, 425 p. illus., maps. 23 cm.
Description of archaeological finds on ancient weaving in Scadinavian countries.

LARSEN, Jack Lenor, “Interlacing”, The elemental fabric, Tokyo ; New York, Kodansha International, 1986.
This weaving book help to understand all about weaving including the very basics. It includes basket weaving, bird nests, hair use in weaving. and much much more. It contains weaving lessons with and with out the loom. Recommended for school teachers and family projects and anyone who wants to weaving in all its forms.

LeBLANC, Monique.,“J'apprends la fleecher”, Montreal, R. Ferron, 1973, 127 p. illus. 20 cm., French text.
Flechee is a long scarf like belt which raps round the waist. Its an old Quebec garment that was worn by men during the winter months out doors. It's a Finger weaving technique.

REAGH, Nancy Andrews, “The Weaves of Hand-loom Fabrics”, a classification with historical,notes Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania museum, 1927. 64 p. illus. 26 cm.
In 1927 author's intent was to establish a standard to classify textiles in museum and private collections. The textile displayed in the book are from the collections of the Pennsylvania Museum.

VAN GELDER, Lydia, “Ikat”, New York, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1980.
Great book on coloring fabric using the resist dyeing process.

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