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Oscar Alphonse Beriau:
Born Jan. 30 1883, Son of Pierre Beriau, Notaire and Marie Audet, both of Farnham, Quebec (eastern townships);

Education, Holy Cross College, Farnham Seminaire Ste. Marie;

Married Marie Elizabeth Couture on September 3, 1906 in Quebec City.
They raised 3 sons and four daughters (4 others died young, a total of 11 children).

Work began with Union Assurance Society, Montreal, 1900;
Private secretary, treasury department, Quebec, 1905;
Inspector of revenue, Quebec, 1910;
Research chemist and president Signs of Canada 1917;
Research chemist and Ateliers de Lithographie Quebec, 1918;
Technical advisor, Asbestos Manufacturing, Quebec, 1925;

Handicrafts and Domestic Arts:
Director General of Handicrafts and Home Economics for the Province of Quebec, 1930;

Founder of the Provincial School of Handicrafts of Quebec, 1930;

Founder of the Provincial School of Pottery of St. Joseph Beauce circa 1930;

Studied flax processing in Belgium in 1932/1933;

Introduced flax process in Quebec 1933;

Advisor for Handicrafts and Domestic Arts Education:
Flax Growers of Quebec 1933;
New Brunswick for the Provincial-Federal Youth Training Project, 1938;
Jubilee Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador Project,1939
St. Pierre de Miquelon Project, 1939;
Gulf Pulp and Paper Company Project, circa 1939;
Searle Grain Company Weaving Project in the Prairies Provinces, 1941;
British Columbia Project,1943.
Ontario Department of Planning and Development, 1946

La Teinturerie Domestique, 1933
Home Weaving, 1939, 1947
Le M³tier a Quatre Lames, 1941
Tissage Domestique, 1943

Royal Silver Jubilee Medal from King George V, of England, 1935

Liberal Organizer, Provincial.

Member of the Adult Education Association.
Member of the National War Services Committee of the YMCA President, Quebec Branch.
Canadian Chemical Association; Fellow chemist.
Canadian Institute of Chemistry: President, Assoc. des Chemistes Professionnels
The Winter Club.
Garrison Club.
Mount Stephen Club in Montreal.
Quebec Golf Club.
Canadian Club, NYC.
Reform Club of Montreal.

Died May 13, 1947, Quebec City. Buried Belmont Cemetery

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